Explorers Terms and Conditions

  1. Explanation
  2. Our Agreement
  3. Deposit and Booking Alterations
  4. Cancellation Policy
  5. Drivers and Licence's
  6. Rules on vehicle usage (When/How)
  7. Vehicle maintenance and safety
  8. Insurance Options
  9. Security Deposit
  10. Returning the Vehicle
  11. Breach of Rental Agreement
  12. Explorers Obligations
  13. Infringement Costs
  14. Customer Care / Disputes
  15. Acknowledgement
  16. Release and Indemnity of Explorers
  17. Terms and Conditions/Rental Agreement
  18. Privacy Policy

1. Explanation

1.1. "Explorers", "We", "Our", "Us", and the "Company" means Explorers Travel LTD (Explorers®).

1.2. "You", "Your", "Yourself", "Driver", and the "Customer" means the person or persons documented in this Rental Agreement and nominated as the hirer. This includes the hirer and all additional drivers listed on this Rental Agreement.

1.3. "Fee(s)", "Rate(s)", "Cost(s)", "Charge(s)" and "Extra(s)" means the fees payable by you to us, as set out in our Rental/Hire Agreement plus any additional fees payable under this agreement that may apply on occasion.

1.4. "Rental Agreement" is the contract signed by Explorers and the Customer outlining the period and specific terms of rental/hire to which this agreement applies and which incorporates these Terms and Conditions and the terms of business on reverse of this Rental Agreement or attached document.

1.5. "Vehicle", "Explorer" and "Campervan" means the Vehicle described in this Rental Agreement and includes but is not limited to all components of the vehicle, accessories and extras supplied by Explorers.

1.6. "Rental Period" is the period during which the Vehicle is in the Customer's possession, beginning when you pickup the Vehicle on the date shown on this Rental Agreement and ending on the date that you return the Vehicle to the Company.

1.7. Currencies relating to "Pounds" and "Euros" are also displayed as "£" and "€" and are the legal tender for the United Kingdom and European economic zone.

2. Our Agreement

2.1. Explorers Travel LTD agree that you may hire/rent the Vehicle subject to the terms of this Rental Agreement and these Terms and Conditions.

2.2. You agree to comply with the terms of this Rental Agreement and to pay the fees and rates as agreed.

2.3. This Rental Agreement can only be amended or edited in writing and its terms apply for the duration of the Rental Period, including the time from when the reservation was made.

2.4. All Terms and Conditions contained in any other document or agreement and all statements, terms and warranties (whether verbally implied or otherwise) not detailed in this Rental Agreement are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.

2.5. None of our employees, agents or contractors are authorised to vary or add to this Rental Agreement, or make any representations about the Company, specifications or fitness for purpose of any goods supplied by Explorers, other than those detailed in written documentation from authorised members of Company staff.

3. Deposit and Booking Alterations

3.1. The Customer must pay the Company a non-refundable deposit of 20% of the total rental cost when the customer requests a reservation. The outstanding balance must be paid in full upon collection of the vehicle.

3.2. Failure to collect the Vehicle on the confirmed booking date will result in the loss of that hire day including any reserved extras or additional items booked, unless the Company has been advised a minimum of 48 hours (2 days) prior to the date of pickup. Confirmation from a Company representative must be received to confirm the customer has advised of this change of pickup date.

3.3. The Customer may extend the period of hire/rental if the Company has been contacted a minimum of 24 hours before this Rental Agreement finishes (drop-off date) and subject to our approval (at our discretion). If the Company approves the extension, you must pay in advance for any additional hire days at the agreed daily rate (plus any consequential extension to extras or accessories).

3.4. Minimum rental periods are subject to change. Customers will be informed of any such changes.

3.5. The day of pickup (start of rental) and drop-off (end of rental) are both counted as a single whole day regardless of the time of pickup or drop-off. This is how the rental period is calculated at the time of making the reservation.

4. Cancellation Policy

4.1. As outlined in section 3 of the Terms and Conditions, the initial 20% deposit is non-refundable, however where a future booking is made, Explorers will transfer your deposit to the future booking when given 14 days prior notice (where reservation availability exists).

4.2. Cancellations within 14 days are unable to be transferred or refunded.

4.3. Cancellations 3-14 days prior to pickup forfeit 30% of total rental costs.

4.4. Failure to collect the vehicle or cancellations on the day (pickup date) forfeit 100% of total rental costs.

4.5. Failure to collect vehicle or cancellations on the day (pickup date) forfeit 100% of total rental costs.

4.6. Note that third party companies (booking agents) may charge you additional fees for cancellations that Explorers have no control or say over. Please refer to these individual companies policies for specific details.

5. Drivers and Licence's

The Customer and any other additional driver's acknowledge:

5.1. Only you or additional drivers documented in this Rental Agreement will drive the Vehicle.

5.2. All drivers documented on this Rental Agreement have not been convicted of or have charges pending for an offence relating to driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or with a blood alcohol level over any legal limit in any country, which the term of the penalty has not been fully served or served at all.

5.3. All drivers are 23 years of age or over and hold a valid full driver's licence for their country of residence (learners permits are not acceptable), Explorers reserves the right to require an international driver's licence for additional documentation where required.

5.4. All drivers have not been refused or had any motor vehicle insurance cancelled or revoked for any reason within the three years prior to the dates in this Rental Agreement.

5.5. Explorers can only insure customers who have valid driver's licences from the following countries: European Union countries (Including United Kingdom and Ireland), Australia, New Zealand, Canada and United States of America.

5.6. Customers must have held a full valid driver's licence for a minimum of 1 year (2 years if aged 23-25).

6. Rules on vehicle usage (When/How)

6.1. Explorers Vehicles must only be used on sealed roads (tarmac or similar).

6.2. Customers must NOT, unless authorised in writing by us, drive or take the Vehicle:

(a) On roads which are closed or restricted.

(b) On beaches or through water including streams, dams, rivers, floodwaters or fords.

(c) To areas which we have advised you to avoid or not enter.

6.3. Customers are NOT permitted to:

(a) Use the Vehicle for any racing, contest or performance test of any kind.

(b) Use the Vehicle to tow or push anything.

(c) Carry more passengers than outlined by Explorers vehicle specifications governed by seatbelt legislation.

(d) Carry a weight or load greater than the Vehicle or Company specifications outline.

(e) Allow passengers to travel in the vehicle unless correctly restrained by the seatbelts in the Vehicle.

(f) Drive the Vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs or have a blood alcohol level that exceeds the limit of the country that the vehicle is located in.

(g) Carry a child without the use of a European Union approved child restraint or without informing the Company that a child is being transported.

(h) Remove the Explorers Vehicle from the European Union.

(i) Break driving laws for the country in which the vehicle is being driven in.

(j) Drive the vehicle when damaged or unsafe.

6.4. Smoking is not permitted at any time in the vehicle and is subject to a maximum £200 cleaning fine.

6.5. Animals are not permitted in the vehicle, with the exception of registered guide dogs. Explorers reserves the right to charge a cleaning/damage fee for breach of this condition.

7. Vehicle maintenance and safety

7.1. All mechanical repairs, accidents and equipment failure (including accessories and extras supplied by Explorers) must be reported as soon as possible to Explorers and within a 24 hour period to allow us to resolve or rectify the problems during the rental period. Explorers will not accept liability for any claims outside of this 24 hour period.

7.2. All Explorers are registered with the Automobile Association (AA) in the United Kingdom and partner companies in the European Union. They provide 24 hour mechanical and non-mechanical roadside assistance. Explorers also carry out their own roadside assistance where applicable. Mechanical breakdowns are covered by Explorers roadside assistance and include cover for the following:

(a) Engine faults

(b) Electrical faults

(c) Cooling system

(d) Vehicle recovery (as a result of the above issues)

7.3. Non-mechanical breakdowns caused by the Customer are subject to additional costs/fees to the hirer from Explorers or the AA. They include but are not limited to the following:

(a) Running out of fuel/incorrect fuelling (putting petrol in a diesel vehicle)

(b) Wheels and tyre damage

(c) Keys locked inside the Vehicle

(d) Flat batteries through the fault of the Customer

(e) Breakdown as a result of damage caused by accident

7.4. Customers are required as part of this Rental Agreement to maintain the Vehicle supplied and must:

(a) Check engine oils, brake oils and coolant levels if the Vehicle's warning lights indicate that this is required.

(b) Check tyres are maintained at the manufacturer's recommended pressure or as indicated by Explorers staff.

(c) Lock the vehicle at all times and be able to produce these keys in the event of Vehicle being stolen.

(d) Return the Vehicle to Explorers clean from rubbish and stains. A cleaning fine of a maximum £200 may be charged for failure to comply.

(e) All damage to the Vehicle or damage to any property must be reported immediately.

(f) Unauthorised repairs or work on the vehicle is NOT permitted unless written permission from a Company representative has been received. Explorers will only reimburse the customer for the cost of authorised repairs if we receive original receipts and invoices.

7.5. Customers must reimburse the Company immediately for any of the following:

(a) Damage to the Vehicle not covered by the insurance.

(b) Glass damage; including windscreen, headlight and sunroof unless additional cover has been taken out that covers these.

(c) Outstanding toll charges or fines from the rental period.

(d) Repairs for deliberate damage caused by the Customer including additional driver(s) or any other passenger(s).

(e) Damage or loss of accessories supplied by Explorers including, but not limited to; GPS (Satellite Navigation), chairs, tables, cooker or bedding. Unless the Company accepts general wear and tear occurred.

(f) Charges while the Vehicle is off the road whilst being repaired for deliberate damage or through negligence.

(g) Damage to the vehicle from use of a non-supplied accessory fitted by the Customer or passenger.

(h) Explorers are provided with a full tank of fuel on pickup date, and must be returned with a full tank of fuel. Failure to return the Vehicle with a full tank of fuel will result in a £20 charge plus the cost of refuelling the Vehicle.

7.6. The Customer is responsible for checking and maintaining all fluid levels regardless of the Rental Period and must immediately report to Explorers any defects you come across no matter how negligible they may seem at the time.

7.7. Failure to report faults with the Vehicle and its continued use can lead to serious damage to the engine or other components and the Customer will be held responsible for all costs associated.

7.8. In the unlikely event that the cooling system has a problem and the engine overheats, stop the Vehicle and report it immediately. Do not let the vehicle cool down and then continue to drive. Customers are required as part of the Vehicle maintenance to check the coolant temperature gauge located on the dash regularly, whilst driving and report anything irregular with it. Failure to report a non-working temperature gauge voids insurance and the Customer will be held responsible for all costs associated with damage caused by an overheating engine.

7.9. Explorers are not responsible for harm, damage, loss, or misadventure from use of the GPS (Satellite Navigation) unit supplied. The cost for replacement of a damaged or lost GPS unit is £250.

8. Insurance Options

8.1. All insurance options are voided in the event that any of the terms of this Rental Agreement are breached.

8.2. The Customer agrees that if either the "Medium Risk" or "High Risk" insurance option is selected:

(a) There is no insurance coverage for damage to the Vehicle roof or chassis (vehicle underbody).

(b) To reimburse the Company the daily rate for each day the Vehicle is being repaired.

Option Daily Rate UK Daily Rate Europe Excess in Case of an Accident
Worry Free £10 £15 £250
Medium Risk £5 £10 £750
High Risk £0 £5 £1500

9. Security Deposit

9.1. Credit card details are required for all Rental Agreements for the purpose of the security deposit. In the case of the "Worry Free" insurance option where a security deposit is not required, a credit card imprint will be taken.

9.2. If a credit card is unavailable then the full security deposit in cash will be held for 21 days after the vehicle has been dropped off. Cash handling fee of £25 applies when the security deposit is made in cash.

9.3. Credit card fees are included in the daily hire rate. American Express (AMEX) and Diners cards are not accepted.

9.4. The customer authorises Explorers to hold the security deposit of either £250 for "Worry Free", £750 for "Medium Risk" or £1500 for "High Risk" for the entire duration of the rental period. The security deposit will be released back once the vehicle is returned and inspected provided there is no damage.

9.5. The Customer authorises Explorers to use the security deposit to cover any expenses and insurance excesses as a result of an accident. The excess amount applies regardless of fault in the eventuality of an accident and is paid immediately at the time of the accident occurring.

9.6. The excess amount will be refunded if the Customer or Explorers are successful in recovering the costs from the third party in an incident where the Customer is not at fault. In some cases, this may take several months.

9.7. Customers accept to pay for anything not covered by their insurance option or security deposit.

9.8. As outlined in other sections of these Terms and Conditions and this Rental Agreement, Customers acknowledge that insurance cover will be denied and voided for all of the insurance options for but not limited to:

(a) Water damage from driving vehicle on beaches, through flooded areas, rivers.

(b) Intentional damage whether through being deliberate or careless.

(c) Driving on unsealed roads.

(d) Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

(e) The Vehicle driven by anyone not named in this Rental Agreement.

9.9. The "Worry Free" insurance option covers the customer for replacement of two tyres and one windscreen for the duration of the rental. The cost for claims exceeding this are the responsibility of the Customer.

9.10. The average price for a windscreen on our vehicles is £250, so Explorers strongly recommends Customers take out our "Worry Free" insurance option.

9.11. In the event that a replacement vehicle has been dispatched due to an accident, the original security deposit is not transferable and the security deposit of the replacement vehicle is double the price of the original vehicle security deposit or £750, whichever is greater.

10. Returning the Vehicle

10.1. The Vehicle and keys must be returned to Explorers during regular opening hours at the return location at the agreed time and date shown on this Rental Agreement.

10.2. The Vehicle must be returned with a full tank of fuel. Please refer to section 7.5 (h) for further details.

10.3. The Vehicle should be returned in the same condition, and with the same accessories and equipment as it had at the start of the hire, except for reasonable wear and tear.

10.4. Explorers will not offer refunds for early returns. If a Customer has to return the Vehicle due to unforeseen circumstances, Customers will need to contact their travel insurance for reimbursement.

10.5. Changes to the Vehicle return location are subject to availability and must be authorised by Explorers staff. Customers must give a minimum of 48 hours notice and pay the additional charge of £50 for this change of return location, if authorised by the Company.

10.6. If the Vehicle is returned to a location other than the one shown on this Rental Agreement and Explorers have not been notified of this change, then a £150 fee applies in recovering the vehicle.

10.7. If the Vehicle is returned outside regular opening hours on the return date, an additional day will be charged at the daily rental rate of the Vehicle, unless otherwise agreed.

10.8. The Vehicle must be returned on the return date. For every day that the return of the Vehicle is overdue, an additional day will be charged at the daily rental rate plus a minimum £150 per day penalty, as well as any daily costs for accessories, extras, insurance, and any costs that Explorers incurs as a result of the Vehicle not being returned as agreed.

10.9. Failure to return the Vehicle on the agreed return time and date without prior agreement may be treated as theft and reported to the authorities.

10.10. After-hours pickups and drop-offs can be arranged. The fee for either is £25 and must be arranged a minimum of 7 days prior to pickup or drop-off date.

11. Breach of Rental Agreement

11.1. Explorers reserve the right to request that the Vehicle is returned immediately or take immediate possession of the Vehicle without notice, if we suspect that the terms of this Rental Agreement have been breached or if we suspect that damage to the vehicle or injury is likely to occur.

11.2. Explorers will not hesitate to pass on details to the authorities if we believe the Vehicle is being used for anything unlawful.

11.3. Without prejudice to any other rights Explorers may terminate this Rental Agreement if the customer fails to comply with the terms and conditions of this Rental Agreement.

11.4. Providing Explorers with false information will be deemed as a breach of this Rental Agreement.

11.5. If this Rental Agreement is terminated for any reason other than by the Company, the Customer is liable to pay all rental charges immediately and any other charges as stated in this Rental Agreement.

12. Explorers Obligations

12.1. Explorers will supply the Vehicle in a safe and roadworthy condition meeting the standards and regulations of the United Kingdom and the European Union.

12.2. Explorers will endeavour to keep agents up to date with the latest rental terms and conditions and specifications of all our products.

12.3. We will, in the event of a breakdown or accident caused by a third party or mechanical failure where the customer is not at fault, endeavour to replace the Vehicle subject to availability and location.

12.4. Explorers will refund costs to the Customer in the event that we are unable to supply a replacement Vehicle due to an accident or breakdown caused by a third party or where mechanical failure has occurred.

12.5. Explorers will provide 24 hour roadside assistance to all of our Customers free of charge.

13. Infringement Costs

13.1. Explorers will charge customers for any infringement, this includes but is not limited to charges and fines for toll's, parking infringements, and driving offences including speeding and traffic light cameras that are incurred during possession of the Vehicle.

13.2. Customers acknowledge that a £35 administration fee applies to each infringement notice.

13.3. Infringement costs will be taken directly from the security deposit (where applicable) or if no security deposit is available then the charges will be deducted from the credit card given. This can happen either during your hire or after your Vehicle has been returned.

13.4. Explorers will pass on Customers details to the relevant department or company associated for each infringement.

13.5. Customers have the right to appeal any infringement with the relevant company or department.

13.6. Explorers will forward a copy of the infringement notice to the Customer as soon as logistically possible.

14. Customer Care / Disputes

14.1. Customers can file a complaint or dispute with Explorers within 7 days of returning the Vehicle.

14.2. Contact should be made by emailing our Customer care team at wecare@explorersworld.com. Please provide full customer details and your booking reference in the email, along with full written details of your complaint or dispute.

14.3. Explorers will endeavour to get in contact and resolve any issues within 7 days of receiving the Customers complaint.

15. Acknowledgement

15.1. Customers acknowledge that by hiring a Vehicle from Explorers, they have accepted the terms of this Rental Agreement.

15.2. The Customer enters in to this Rental Agreement at the time a booking reservation is confirmed.

15.3. Customers acknowledge that all information provided to the Company and contained in this Rental Agreement is correct and true and that giving false or incorrect information is a breach of this Rental Agreement.

15.4. Customers acknowledge and agree to pay all rental fees and charges as agreed in the terms of this Rental Agreement.

15.5. Customers acknowledge that Explorers give no warranty in relation to the motor vehicles supplied other than the conditions and warranties implied by statute, which cannot be excluded, restricted or modified, such as those under United Kingdom and European Union law including Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA). Where we are permitted to limit liability under those statutes for breach of an implied condition or warranty you agree that our liability is limited to replacement, repair or re-supply of the Vehicle. All other warranties, conditions and other obligations which may be otherwise implied are expressly excluded in their entirety. The Company is not liable to you for any indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages relating to this Rental Agreement.

16. Release and Indemnity of Explorers

16.1. The Customer releases Explorers, its staff and associated agents from any liability to the Customer regardless of who is at fault for any loss or damage incurred by the Customer by reason of rental, possession or use of the Vehicle.

16.2. The Customer must indemnify and shall keep indemnified Explorers, its employees, agents against claims, demands and expenses including any legal costs incurred by them or any of them by reason of the customers use or possession of the vehicle. Including but limited to cost of towing, recovering and storage of the vehicle.

16.3. Indemnity required of the customer shall not operate to indemnify Explorers in respect of any negligent act by Explorers.

16.4. Customers agree to use and operate the Vehicle at their own risk and agree Explorers have no responsibility or liability for any loss, damage, injury, or death except that required by law.

16.5. The Customer agrees to release Explorers, its employees and agents from:

(a) All claims, damage and loss to all personal property.

(b) Any loss, damage, accident, injury, death, loss of property, delay caused directly, indirectly or incidental from use of the Vehicle or any accident involving the Vehicle including operation, repair, maintenance, or storage.

(c) Financial loss including accommodation costs.

(d) Loss or damage of possessions and items left in the vehicle in the event of it being stolen.

16.6. This Rental Agreement is governed by the laws and jurisdiction of the United Kingdom.

17. Terms and Conditions/Rental Agreement

17.1. Rates, charges and fees are subject to change without notice.

17.2. The terms in this Rental Agreement are subject to change without notice.

18. Privacy Policy

18.1. Information requested from Customers by Explorers is to allow the Company to assess the request to hire a Vehicle and to allow contact between Explorers and the Customer.

18.2. Customers do not have to disclose this information, but Explorers reserve the right to decline a request for Vehicle hire.

18.3. Customers acknowledge that Explorers will collect, hold and use information gathered for the purpose related to the hire of a Vehicle and customer services including marketing and following up customer satisfaction.

18.4. Information may be disclosed for the purposes of debt collection in circumstances where a customer defaults on payments of any money owed to Explorers or other third parties.

18.5. Explorers may use tracking systems fitted to the vehicles for the purpose of theft recovery, breakdown assistance, marketing, and breach of Rental Agreement.

18.6. Customers have the right to obtain details or information held about them stored by Explorers as per the Data Protection Act.