European Travel Tips

By hiring an Explorers campervan for a European road trip, you will have the freedom to explore the many different countries of Europe at your own pace, and at an affordable price. On this page, we have provided some tips for travelling in some of these countries.


Driving Safety

  • Breathalyser's must be carried at all times by law in France. It must be French approved (Norme Française). Luckily, these are included in the European Travel Pack.
  • Drive on the RIGHT in France.
  • Always carry your driving licence with you at all times.
  • Drink-driving laws are very strict and all drivers are subject to random alcohol checks.
  • France has lots of toll roads (pay to travel on) so carry enough money for your journey.

Where to Camp

France is the number one camping and touring country in Europe so there is no shortage of campsites in a whole range of different landscapes and scenery. Like many other countries, there are holiday parks that offer different luxuries or isolated campsites in beautiful locations. Visit for more information.



Brittany is in the north-west of France. It is a stunning cultural region and has more than 1700 miles of coast. The majority of the regional population live on the coast. Lined with medieval towns and with something new to see at every turn, Brittany is a great place to take your campervan for a road trip.

Loire Valley

The Loire River is the longest river in France and the Loire Valley is located in central France. Nicknamed the 'Garden of France' due to the vast amount of gardens, vineyards and orchards, it is also full of interesting historic towns and areas to explore.


Normandy is made up of 2 regions; Upper and Lower, with 350 miles of coastline. There are many interesting villages and towns to visit and the area is steeped in history and culture, making for a great road trip.

French Riviera

Located to the south east of France and on the coast of the Mediterranean, the French Riviera includes world famous locations such as Monaco, Nice and Cannes. This beautiful area of France enjoys a warm climate and is full of great camping spots, making it a great place to take your Explorer.

Spain & Portugal

Driving Safety

  • Always remember to turn on headlamps when driving through a tunnel and remove your sunglasses.
  • Drive on the RIGHT in Spain and Portugal.
  • Always carry your driving licence and passport in Spain with you at all times.
  • Drink-driving laws are very strict and all drivers are subject to random alcohol checks.
  • Spain has lots of toll roads (pay to travel on) so carry enough money for your journey.

Where to Camp

Spain and Portugal are great countries for travelling in since they both enjoy a lovely warm climate and a wide variety of scenery. There are many places to camp and plenty of holiday parks located in some spectacular locations. Visit for driving advice and to search for campsites.


Costa del Sol (Spain)

The Costa del Sol is a region in the south of Spain, made famous for its Mediterranean culture and spectacular coastline. Malaga is the major city in the region and enjoys more hours of sunshine than anywhere else in Europe. There are lots of great campsites along the coastline with stunning beaches. The famous Sierra Nevada mountain range is also nearby, making this is a great place to travel to in an Explorers campervan.

Tarragona (Spain)

Tarragona is located south of Catalonia (the region where Barcelona is located). It has a comfortable, mild climate all year round making it a great place to take a campervan at any time of the year. Like most of the Mediterranean coastline in Spain, it has beautiful beaches and roads to explore.

Algarve (Portugal)

The Algarve is the most southern region in Portugal and is the most popular tourist area in the country thanks to its beaches and warm climate. The area is famous for its cuisine and pottery. Just like the millions of people who visit this area, you won't be disappointed.

Porto Region (Portugal)

Porto is a world heritage city and is the second largest city in Portugal behind Lisbon. The city mixes ancient heritage and buildings with a tasteful modern edge, shown in its architecture. The region around Porto has mountains, rivers and castles to explore and are all close to the coast. There is an abundance of places to camp.


Driving Safety

  • Italian drivers are skilled fast drivers so remember driving cultures vary across Europe.
  • Drive on the RIGHT in Italy.
  • Always carry your driving licence with you at all times.
  • Parking can be a nightmare in Italy so be extra careful and look out for signs.
  • Drink-driving laws are well enforced like the rest of Europe.

Where to Camp

Italy has it all. From picturesque lakes and beaches to breathtaking mountains and vast countryside. There are so many great routes and campsites that you can be sure to have an incredible experience. Visit for more details about Italy by campervan.


Lake Garda

Explore one of the most beautiful lakes in the world in an Explorers campervan and wake up to spectacular views and stunning scenery. Swim in crystal clear waters and then enjoy making breakfast using the supplied cooker in your campervan - it doesn't get much better than this!


The Explorers team love Tuscany, especially seeing the magnificent countryside and visiting the beautiful cities of Florence and Siena. There are plenty of campsites all across Tuscany, so you can enjoy this wonderful region.

Adriatic Coast

The Adriatic Sea provides a beautiful coastline for Italy and there are many Blue Flag beaches along this coast. There are many campsites along the coast and you could easily spend weeks exploring the area. Venice is also located on the Adriatic sea.


The Dolomites are a mountain range located in the north of Italy. As well as the spectacular scenery, there are excellent ski resorts with a wide range of slopes catering for different skiing abilities. There are lots of campsites located around the mountain range, some in the mountains and some by the lakes at the bottom. This provides some of the best areas to camp in Europe. All year round you can enjoy outdoor activities such as rock climbing and hiking.


Driving Safety

  • Speed limits are in km/hour like the rest of Europe and not mph like the UK.
  • Drive on the LEFT in Ireland.
  • Always carry your driving licence with you at all times.
  • Drink-driving laws are very strict and all drivers are subject to random alcohol checks.
  • Ireland has some very narrow roads, so drivers need to be extra careful when going around bends.

Where to Camp

Ireland is a beautiful country and also the third largest island in Europe. It is a great place to camp and tour around in your Explorer. The locals are warm and friendly and there are many myths and stories to discover all over this enchanting country. As well as the unique green countryside, Ireland is famous for its dramatic coastline, providing wonderful driving routes and campsites. Visit for more details.


County Cork

County Cork is the largest of all the Irish counties and is located on the South West Coast. It is arguably the most beautiful of all the counties in Ireland. This diverse county has rivers, beaches, mountains, and lakes to explore. With so many camping options all around, it?s a great place to take your Explorers campervan!

County Wicklow

Affectionately known as the 'Garden of Ireland', this county is full of valleys and waterfalls, yet is conveniently close to Dublin. For wonderful views and breathtaking scenery, visit the Glenmalure Valley. The Explorers team recommend taking a road trip through the mountains in the National Park.


This city has a medieval history and is one of the most visited areas in all of Ireland. There is an 800 year old castle looking over the city. The surrounding countryside is very popular with campers due to its rolling hills and local Irish pubs!

County Clare

County Clare is located in the mid-west of the country and is where those that love the coast should head to. The people are friendly and there are festivals and activities all year round. Lahinch is famous with many surfing fans as its waves rival some of the best in the world. This area is alive all year round with surfers of all levels and there are plenty of surf schools here too!