• Why choose Explorers?

    When we first started the company we wanted to change the way people camp and explore, to make it affordable and fun for everyone. Explorers are custom fitted campers, perfectly designed to be compact and practical. Our vans are more compact than the large heavy box-type, which makes driving into small areas much more convenient and easy. Driving one of our vehicles is like driving a family car.

  • How do I book my Explorers campervan?

    The best way to book is online, as you will be able to view vehicle availability in real time and secure your Explorer for your trip. You can also contact us to book.

  • What is the Explorers price promise?

    Explorers will beat any similar compact campervan company on receiving proof of a cheaper like-for-like quote. Price promise applies to new bookings only.

  • How do I pick up an Explorers campervan?

    We will bring your Explorer to you for handover. Unlike other companies we don't force our customers to travel to inconvenient locations on industrial areas. We cover areas in Essex and east London. Check your postcode in the section below.

  • What type of vehicles do Explorers use?

    We use VW group vehicles to ensure all our vehicles are safe and reliable.

  • What is the fuel consumption of my Explorer?

    We use diesel vehicles; these engines are reliable and fuel efficient so you can keep costs down on your travels. They are also environmentally friendly.

    Explorer for 2 - 42 MPG (5.6L/100 km)

    Explorer for 4 - 36 MPG (6.5L/100 km)

  • How many people can Explorers campervans accommodate?

    Explorer for 2 can seat and sleep 2 people comfortably and Explorer for 4 can do the same for 4 people.

  • Do you do early pickups and late drop-offs?

    This can be arranged. Please contact our team to discuss options.

  • Are all Explorers the same?

    Yes, we use the same vehicle types and our custom design is repeated on each camper so you never have to worry about which vehicle you will receive.

  • What entertainment will my Explorer have?

    All campervans come with an iPod/iPhone/MP3 connection head unit so you can listen to your own music on your road trip. The Explorer for 4 comes with an LCD entertainment system. Don't forget you can power your own devices (phones, tablets, etc.) on the road.

  • Is there power inside?

    Explorers come with an accessory power supply for LED lighting and electric cool box so the main battery will not be drained. There are also charging ports for phones, cameras and gadgets. See our Explorers for more details.

  • Where am I insured to drive?

    Explorers are only insured to be driven on sealed roads (tarmac); any damage to vehicle or incidents whilst on uninsured roads will be down to your own liability.

  • What if I breakdown?

    All Explorers come with UK & European 24/7 roadside assistance.

  • Can I take my Explorer to Europe?

    Yes, you can take your Explorer to mainland Europe. Please see our European Travel Tips. If you have any specific questions about travelling to Europe please get in touch with the team.

  • Where am I allowed to camp?

    In most countries rules apply on where you can park and camp. Please see our travel advice pages: UK travel tips and European Travel Tips.

  • I am very tall...will I fit?

    Yes, our vehicles are designed to accommodate all shapes and sizes. In every Explorer you will find at least 6 ft in length for the bed. No need for additional tent or to leave rear of vehicle open.

  • How much luggage can I bring?

    Our clever Day/Night system means there is a good amount of storage space for people with cases and we can supply an additional roof storage box or ski/snowboard rack at additional cost.

  • What is the minimum age to rent an Explorer?

    Currently all drivers must be 23 and over with a valid driving licence.

  • Are additional drivers allowed?

    There is a £5/day fee for each additional driver added to the booking.

  • Can I use my foreign driving licence?

    We accept all licences as long as they are valid. We may require additional identification (eg. your passport if your licence does not contain a photograph or an international driving license).

  • Is there a minimum hire period?

    Yes, this varies throughout the year and is displayed when making a booking.

  • How do I pay?

    We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and most major debit cards.

  • What is the deposit required to secure a booking?

    We require 20% of the total booking cost to secure your vehicle for you.