Driving Safety

Speed Limits

Built-up areas: 30mph/48kph
Single Carriageway: 60mph/96kph
Dual Carriageway: 70mph/112kph
Motorway: 70mph/112kph


Parking can be very complicated in the UK and it is best to ask someone if you are unsure, as every place can vary and may depend on different times and days. Unpaid parking tickets will be charged to the customer including additional admin fee.

Congestion charge

Congestion charge: £11.50 when driving in the congestion zone in London. The hours that the congestion charge operate are 7.00 am to 6.00 pm Monday - Friday. For a congestion charge zone map click here. Please visit: tfl.gov.uk/modes/driving/congestion-charge for more detailed UK driving safety.

Driving Tips

Driving laws are strict and well enforced in the UK. For those who haven't driven in the UK before, here is some basic advice to keep you safe.

  • Drive on the LEFT in the UK.
  • Always pass (overtake) on the outside (right) lane.
  • Do not block the middle lane if the inside lane is clear.
  • When approaching a roundabout, give priority to traffic approaching from the right, unless otherwise indicated.
  • You must always stop at a red traffic light.
  • At a junction there is no general priority rule - priority is marked at most junctions.
  • All vehicles must give way (stop) for emergency service vehicles.
  • The use of a car horn is not permitted in built-up areas from 11.30PM to 7.00AM hours.
  • All traffic signals and road signs must be obeyed.
  • Do not drive in bus lanes during restricted hours. See signs by the side of the road for times.
  • It is illegal to use a mobile phone when driving. If you need to make a call, find a safe place to stop first.
  • Seat belts must be worn by the driver and front seat passenger. Where rear seat belts have been fitted, they must also be worn.
  • The minimum driving age is 17 (minimum Explorers rental age is 21).
  • Alcohol laws are well enforced and the limit is 80 mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood.

Free Camping

There are plenty of places where you can park your Explorer and stay for free across the UK. The majority of these are located in National Parks, where camping is usually allowed as long as you act responsibly and leave no trace of your visit. Some National Parks such as Dartmoor have maps showing the areas where you are allowed to camp, and other National Parks have their own guidelines. Make sure to get permission for camping in areas such as National Parks and always follow the guidelines.

Places to Go

England - South West

Millions of tourists visit this region of England every year and it is easy to see why. Take your Explorers campervan to see the beautiful beaches and coasts of Cornwall and Devon and enjoy miles of English countryside. There are campsites everywhere and hundreds of activities and things to see and do. Why not try your hand at some surfing whilst in the South West?

England - Lake District

The Lake District is located in North West England and the area contains many lakes, forests and mountains. It's also home to Scaffell Pike, the highest mountain in England. The Lake District is the perfect place to enjoy the peace and quiet. Your Explorer gives you the freedom to get away from the crowds and have your own adventure. We recommend a visit to the famous Lake Windermere whilst here.


Scotland offers a huge range of campsites and outdoor options, making it the perfect place to visit with your Explorer. There are mountains, lakes, coastal regions and islands to explore. Stay at Loch Ness and try to catch a glimpse of the Loch Ness Monster! Scotland's outdoors are a huge attraction and suitable for taking advantage of all year and regardless of weather conditions. There are many great places to visit around Scotland and you can experience the local cuisine and culture.

Things to Do

The UK is host to some of the world's biggest music festivals. Festivals are the perfect place to take a campervan and we have a page dedicated to festivals. The team recommends Glastonbury in June and V Festival in August!

Goodwood - Festival of Speed
Goodwood - Festival of Speed

This motoring festival is a great British celebration of all things fast and exciting. Come here to see some of the greatest cars on the planet try and tackle the 1.16 mile uphill climb. Also take in the excitement and stunning location of the South Downs National Park located in West Sussex. There are plenty of options for staying in your Explorer at the venue and in the area close-by.


Head to Newquay for the annual Boardmasters festival and see some of the biggest names in the music industry perform in the sun, and then have a go at surfing or watch the pro surfing competition! We have specials for this campervan friendly event. Visit Boardmasters for more info about the festival, or contact our team for further details.

Summer Solstice - Stonehenge
Summer Solstice - Stonehenge

Visit Stonehenge on the 21st June and join thousands of others waiting for the dawn of the longest day of the year. Stonehenge is located in Wiltshire and is a world heritage site. It is worth seeing at any time of the year, however watching the summer sun rise at this event will seem even more magical. There are lots of campsites located nearby, but book early to avoid missing out.

Alton Towers
Alton Towers - Uttoxeter, Staffordshire

This theme park is built around a 19th century gothic mansion that is situated in the middle of a spectacular lake. It is the most visited theme park in the UK and last year saw the opening of 'The Smiler' which has the record for the most loops in a rollercoaster. There are plenty of campsites nearby, making it perfect for visiting in your Explorer.

Thorpe Park
Thorpe Park - Chertsey, Surrey

Not for the faint hearted...... This theme park is perfect for thrill seekers as it has some of the most extreme and thrilling rides and rollercoasters in the UK. It is conveniently located on the M25 (London Orbital), making it a perfect stop on the way to your next location.

Legoland - Windsor, Berkshire

Legoland is fun for all ages; whether you want to enjoy the Lego-themed rides or be amazed by the incredible Lego sculptures and model villages. It is located near London and is also close to Windsor castle (a residence of the British Royal family), which makes visiting this area extremely worthwhile.